New Paycheck Calculator

Start Here:

Sign in to Google Apps, then open this link: The Game of Life.If you don't have Google Apps - use this Word Doc:

Click File, Select Make a Copy, and rename the document with Block, Your Name, Game of Life.
Example: 1A Lady Gaga Game of Life

Share the document with and

Begin your quest for happiness.
Mrs Johnson Example

Monthly Budget Sheet

Sharing Your Dream

Go to the Game of Life Google Site
Find your page
Build your page based on your research (see checklist below)

Checklist for Site Page

  • Completed GOL Google Doc
  • Completed GOL Excel Spreadsheet
  • Images (either image links OR images saved in H drive):
    • Symbol of career
    • Car(s) - Can be a collage (see tutorial)
    • House
    • Location
    • Awesome Gear - Can be a collage
    • Cost of Living (something symbolic of the harsh)

Google Site Tutorial